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Terms and Conditions

Please go through the Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding:

The Terms and Conditions of The High Flower can be related a lot to the Privacy Policy of our company. The deal and working procedures between the company and customers will be based on these terms. Any changes to these rules will be valuable only if both the party agree on it in a written manner.

The confirmation of your work by The High Flower will be sent as invoice attached with the order confirmation email. The visitors of our website and the clients are requested to follow the Terms and Conditions properly in order to enjoy browsing our website.
Important details of our company – Authenticity, Copyright, and other rational details:

  • The High Flower expects that each one of our customers will follow the legal procedure and not make any illegal use of their website. The customers have to take responsibility for their website and assure us that they will not make any illegal use of their website. If we find any website running illegally, The High Flower has the right to eradicate it from our server.


  • The images that we use for a website promotion or designing are purchased only for that particular website. The use of that image for any other purpose is completely restricted by license. The company has no responsibility if any individual or group copy and distribute it.


  • The High Flower will not be responsible for any kind of adverse impact on the companies’ own productivity and sales.


Ways to communicate with our experts:

The High Flower has various means to get in touch with the customers. The basic mode of communication is using the email service for sending the details and communicating with our clients. Besides the email, we utilize all the modern technology to get in touch with our clients like social media, video calling, etc.

If the customers have changed their email or contacts details, it is their responsibility to inform us through the above-discussed means. Our company will not be liable for communication issues if the customers are unable to send proper details.

Some other important information:

  • The customer’s name will be registered by The High Flower with a domain name if requested and we received the payment in full.


  • A small text link is placed in the footer of our customer’s website. It shows that The High Flower has designed the website. The text link is replaceable.

N.B.: The High Flower never permits any of the customers or a third party to harass our employees. If such things occur, the company has the right to call off the deal without any refund of the initial payment.